Hair loss associated with vitamin defieciency

There are different factors responsible for the condition of hair loss in an individual. Possession of quality hair is one of the most cherished features used for boosting one’s personality. Ladies are more susceptible to hair loss due to hormonal changes registered during pregnancy. Other reasons behind hair loss in humans are attributed to medical procedures such as surgery operations and drug influence on body systems. Some people may experience it due to psychological instability, commonly known as stress. This condition is however, expressed in people with deficiency for essential vitamins. A balanced diet is important for normal functioning of the body system. Vitamin deficiency may trigger, among other defects in the body, hair loss. Hair as a component of the body system needs the right dose of vitamins in order to stay healthy.

Baldness in relation to vitamin deficiency

Mineral elements are important for normal body operations. A healthy body system needs iron as one of the essential elements. Iron plays a key role in blood cell formation and therefore, its deficiency will result to anemia. There is a common correlation between anemia, iron deficiency and hair loss. When this condition is medically determined to be apparent, then the victim is advised to sort for iron supplements to rectify the disorder.
Vitamin B12, also called riboflavin and B6, are some of the common forms of vitamin B nutrient. These categories of nutrient are responsible for healthy and fine hair. It is because of this reason that vitamin B just like other nutrition components, should be included in the diet.
Another form of vitamin called folic acid is vital for cell differentiation and growth. This is currently used on pregnant women to reverse anemia condition as a supplement. It is also associated with boosting of hair quality and assists in fetus growth while in the mother’s womb.
Baldness and early graying of hair can be induced by zinc deficiency. Research has shown that zinc as a mineral component is important for the improvement and restoration of color to hair. It is also an anti-balding agent since experiments on zinc supplement have indicated positive results on hair restoration.
Vitamin H, also known as Biotin, also plays a role in ensuring quality and healthy hair. Research studies on this vitamin B subclass reveals that it forms part of hair nourishment. Biotin is found in yeast, egg yolk, liver, sardine fish parts and kidney.
Baldness or loss of hair is according to research analysis, associated with vitamin deficiency as one of the major factors. This means that there are other contributing reasons for this condition but the major key player in hair loss is vitamin deficiency.


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